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2014 A New Frontier And the Fact is We Are Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto

Maintenance. I have been asked numerous times in my career should I grow my hair out and let it go grey? This is a good question. You will save money, it will be easier on your maintenance schedule, but you will look 10 years older than you do right now period (unless you have perfect tight lifted skin of a 25 year old). Your appearance will reflect one of “I give up” and looked at with a questionable glare, as they wonder “why?” Your husband will tell you "You should!” but this is very strange since they are VISUAL beings.

In general, men assume they are always younger and want to be with someone who is taking the best possible care for herself, it reflects well on them. I serve a strong male clientele and I have posed this question time and time again.

It’s 2014 Ladies and 99% of men want you to look your best and to look as young as possible. “So do I or don’t I?” The answer is a resounding “no”. But if you are decided and absolutely have to grow out your grey, we can help you get there without a tiger stripe! Then to keep you feeling good about you we can plan a hair future to look your best with some low lights and a great cut.

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