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Relaxing Candles




Classic Aveda Massage

Dive into an aromatherapy journey with essential oils of your choosing. Then, relax while our massage therapist works away stress from the mind, body, and soul with this classic, Swedish-style massage.

Emerge relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated. 

60 Minutes - $150

90 Minutes - $175

Frequent 60 Minute Classic $130  book every four weeks )

Frequent 90 Minute Classic $155  ( book every four weeks )

Deep Tissue/Recovery Massage

Slow, methodical strokes combined with firm pressure helps bring circulation to the deepest layers of muscle. Great for addressing poor range of motion from prior injuries and chronic pain.

60 Minutes - $175

90 Minutes - $200

Frequent 60 Minute Deep Tissue $155  book every four weeks )

Frequent 90 Minute Deep Tissue $180  ( book every four weeks )


CBD $10 (retail purchase) 

 - Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. When applied topically or consumed, CBD interacts with neuroreceptors in your endocannabinoid system, which sends signals between your cells to help regulate your movement, mood, homeostasis and immune system. In essence, CBD can help reduce stress / anxiety, inflammation and pain. 

Cupping $20

 -  An ancient form of alternative medicine where special cups are strategically placed on your body to create suction. Cupping is used for many purposes, including pain management, inflammationblood flow, relaxation and well-being.



Therapeutic Hot Stones $10 

 - Heated stones are used to warm muscles allowing the massage to penetrate deeper, enabling a more profound state of relaxation and improving circulation throughout the body. The radiating heat allows the melting of aches and pains, creating a feeling of restored balance.

Himalayan Salt Stones $10

 - Himalayan salt stones are warmed in a special salt stone warmer and then used with massage to relieve tension and stress throughout the body.

Amethyst Biomat included with every massage:

FDA approved medical device that combines far infrared technology with the power of healing crystals. The Amethyst Biomat gently warms the body to increase circulation, relieve pain, and speed the healing of soft tissue. Our Amethyst Biomat is placed beneath the sheets on the massage table for added benefits to your massage.

Please note:

We do not offer prenatal massage at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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