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New to Bella!

Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful.  Bella has co-aligned with PureSculpt to bring you a series of body treatments to address cellulite and tone the body using wood and ice therapy. The active ingredients absorb into your body and dispose of toxins.  This will firm and tone the skin as well as activate the production of collagen and elastin. This activation is giving oxygen to the cells and revitalizing the skin. The herbs and clays used in these treatments dissolve fat deposits, so skin looks firmer and cellulite free. And best of all, it's organic!

Get your summer body ready at Bella!


Body sculpting will provide the best results if done on a twice weekly basis for a series of 6-12 treatments.  We highly recommend to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. We cannot stress the importance of homecare enough! That's why we are offering a homecare kit with the purchase of any body sculpting series! 

This kit includes:

-Dry brush 

-Mushroom massage tool

-Cellulite TX body cream.

Please be advised:

You MUST drink plenty of water and refrain from drinking any alcohol. This treatment will cause your body to detox. You may experience dizziness, nausea, hot flashes, or headaches after a full body treatment. This can happen 24-48 hours after your service and may last a day or two.

What is Wood Therapy?


Wood therapy is a body treatment that  requires the therapist to use uniquely shaped, wooden massage tools and oil in specific motions to activate the lymphatic system. This will jumpstart the detoxification process. The motions that are performed will move around the adipose tissue and fascia which will break down cellulite, leaving the skin smoother and more toned. 

What is Ice Therapy?


Ice therapy is a CRYO body treatment. So instead of wooden massage tools, this treatment uses metal massage tools combined with our organic ice blend. Cryo treatments are designed to freeze the fat cells, and is followed by lymphatic drainage motions which will assist the flushing of the frozen and dead cells out of the body. This can convert stored fat into energy, reduce measurements, firm, tone, detoxify and target unwanted fat.


We are offering a special launch price of $1,200

for a wood OR ice therapy series! 

(12 sessions)

Normally $1,800


6 sessions for $600!


 Per treatment:

Wood OR Ice

Full Body (full leg & arm, upper back, booty & abdomen) $250

Lower Body (full leg & booty / hips) $150

Upper Body (full arm & upper back) $150

Wood AND Ice

Full Body (full leg & arm, upper back, booty & abdomen) $350

Lower Body (full leg & booty / hips) $250

Upper Body (full arm & upper back) $250

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